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In the 2000’s, FRANKY ventured into the coal mining industry as a contractor in Sarawak, East Malaysia and Kalimantan, Indonesia. With its broad experience in the construction industry, FRANKY is well equipped with the skills and expertise to manage coal pit mine operations. Dynamic management foresight, coupled with firm commitments from the team and with a good track record for deliveries, saw FRANKY establishing a new solid foothold in East Malaysia as a reputable and reliable operator in coal mining, which led to an organic expansion into coal trading.

FRANKY is supported by solid resources that include competent management and operation professionals, an in-house design and planning team, a dedicated team of geologists; proprietary coal testing laboratories, heavy machinery, particular articulated trucks, and jetty facilities for barging services. The team anticipates that coal mining will continue to expand and contribute significantly to company growth.

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