FRANKY’s construction division provides integrated construction services from planning, design and building. It offers comprehensive services such as complete turnkey solutions and partnerships with clients to develop optimum solutions for all their construction needs. The company has decades of experience in areas such as coal mining, earthworks, railways, highways, interchanges, institutional buildings, industrial process plants and major rock excavation works.

Through the years, FRANKY has established an excellent reputation with multi-billion Ringgit value in civil, building and infrastructure projects both within Malaysia and internationally by providing value-engineered solutions and working hand-in-hand with clients to ensure that their requirements for a project can be achieved with optimised design and costs.

The ability to continuously deliver projects on time has earned the company the trust of satisfied customers these past four decades. Fully equipped with safe, modern and well- maintained equipment, FRANKY is fully committed to observing the required safety practices to maintain the high standards required by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

FRANKY also prides itself as being one of the leading civil and building contractors in Malaysia with a reputation for successful and timely completion of projects undertaken.

FRANKY Construction is a registered Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB) G7 with Government Procurement Working Certificate - Sijil Perolehan Kerja Kerajaan (SPKK) company, and this enables the company to tender for projects of unlimited value. FRANKY Construction is also certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems by SIRIM QAS International.

Note: CIDB is a Government body set up to promote and stimulate the development, improvement and expansion of the construction industry. Construction companies are classified according to their technical and financial abilities; Class ‘A’ and Grade ‘7’ are the highest classifications.


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