FRANKY’s Philosophy

Ensure Firm and Fair Treatment to our Clients, Suppliers, Partners, and Employees

Respect and Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Advocate Accountability for sustainability in the Society, Economy and the Environment

Nurture a Positive Team with a Family Spirit

We are Knowledge-Driven and strive continuously for further improvement

Espouse Can-Do attitude

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Corporate Social Responsibility FRANKY is committed to giving back to the community by addressing environmental issues and serving as a good corporate model.

  • Environment


    FRANKY commits to a lower carbon footprint by advocating sustainable purchases, or buying local, in order to reduce the need to transport materials and machinery. The company also practices controlled waste management, land rehabilitation, as well as energy and water conservation.

  • Social


    FRANKY implements proper health and safety policies at work. This includes encouraging teams to embrace workplace diversity and inclusion, as well as work/life balance. In order to develop trusted leadership and collaborative management, FRANKY also supports volunteerism within the company, which helps build rapport between teams.

  • Economy


    FRANKY ensures that its business operations are conducted ethically when dealing with clients and suppliers alike, while adhering to local regulations.

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